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Before & After School Program

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Play Island Explorers is a licensed before and after school program for children from ages 4 -12 years of age. Our program runs from September to June. We are open from 7AM-9AM and 3PM-6:00PM Monday to Friday.   

  We offer an educational after school program where we work with the children on a daily basis to connect and understand each child. Our programming is based on what we have observed the children doing, and from discussions. The children will learn through various learning activities which include; arts and crafts, science experiments, robotics building, drama, books, baking, IPADS learning apps, board games, interactive group games, sports, and stay active in our indoor playground with built in soccer/basketball arena. We also provide homework assistance for the children that need extra help. Our job is to make things easier for the parents, and help the children gain a new love for learning with fun activities. 

Keep Active in our Indoor Playground

The indoor playground is a place for the children to be active and have some free play after school, on PA Days, school breaks, summer camps, and on the weekend for private birthday parties. The large Island theme obstacle course will give the children the freedom to be explorers, and have fun. 

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Schoolage room
Before and After school program
The children wanted to learn how to make chocolate covered strawberries….boy did they love the outcome. Delicious!
Soccer and Basketball Area

Benefits of our Before & After School Program

Whether your kid needs a fun after school activity or you have a busy schedule, we can help you out. Our before and after school program located in Richmond hill will encompass a variety of activities ranging from academic support, mentoring, youth development, sports, robotics building, baking, and drama and arts. Play island explorers after school program turns the aimless hours after school into productive learning time. These activities in which kids engage while outside the school hours are important in their development.

After school programs are important because;

Improve social skills.

After school programs foster respect, support and cooperation. This helps kids feel safe about starting a conversation or joining a sport.

Provide academic support.

After school programs provide a stress-free environment for kids to get help on their homework. Our afterschool programs provide structured homework help. Homework can often cause friction between kids with learning and thinking differences and their parents. So getting it done during the program can make everyone’s evening more pleasant and relaxing. Other programs are offered to introduce kids to the sciences and mathematics disciplines, getting them involved in these subjects. This leads to better efforts in school subjects.

Make learning more fun.

Play island explorers strives to make learning fun. This is done by including arts and crafts, drama, baking, IPADS learning apps, and other interactive games. During the sessions, evaluations are avoided which gives the kids the opportunity to work as a group. This is fun, valuable and stress-free for kids, especially those with learning and learning and thinking differences. Programs such as drama and sports offered in the programs help kids find their passion and interests.

Create a sense of belonging.

Our facilitates a program that includes kids from different schools in the area. This means that kids get to interact with kids from different settings than those they see at school. This keeps them away from dealing with similar social issues and cliques. More adult supervision is provided. This gives students an opportunity to be included and feels part of the group.

Build confidence.

For kids with learning and thinking differences, our after-school program is like a safe haven for them as compared to the schools. The stakes are not very high. This gives the kids an opportunity to try new things and take more risks — this boosts their self-esteem.

Keep children active and learn healthily

Not only will your kid be introduced to character-building experiences in the after-school programs, but they can also burn extra energy through physical activity. Richmond Hill provides a variety of sports programs where your child can learn to play soccer or basketball. Kids get to learn the importance of being physically active in addition to teamwork and sportsmanship.

To ensure that kids don’t fall far behind academically, we provide after school programs for children of between 4-12 years ruing from September to June. We offer after school programs that generate positive results. This ranges from improved health and nutrition, classroom behavior and mainly academic performance.

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