13390 Yonge Street, Unit 7, Richmond Hill, Ontario,


Richmond Hill School Programs


Hours: 9am-12pm

Ages 3-6yrs

Play Island Explorers Half Day Preschool/Kindergarten Program builds and encourages the potential in every child through nurturing, praising, and in an enriched, safe early learning environment.

In our preschool program, we teach the children in a half structured/play based environment. We see the potential in all children and strive to work with each child in a small group setting so each child will be able to reach its goals. Every child learns at their own pace, and here at Play Island Explorers we work with the child and ensure the child learns, but while enjoying the learning process. We make learning fun and exciting!

Small group

Ratio 1:8

total kids 16 in our centre.

Benefits of our Half Day Preschool Program

When you think of preschool, what do you envision? Are you afraid that your child is still too small to be placed in a structured environment? Does it scare you how they might cope with the separation?

Well, don’t be. Preschool can only help your child.

Children gain a lot from going to preschool because they become exposed to numbers, letters, shapes and so much more. But, more importantly, they develop social and emotional skills and learn how to get along with other children, to share and to contribute.

Findings show that children who attend high-quality preschool enter schools with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabulary, and stronger basic math skills than those who do not. So why not insist on preschool education when it can only help; when preschool is good for your child.

Know this: the 3-6-year olds are like little sponges at that age. They can take in so much; even more than you think.


Play Island Explorers curriculum includes theme based weekly programming which will enhance the children’s cognitive, fine motor, and language skills. We will incorporate literacy, math concepts, science, music, reading, and language arts. Even more, the children will keep active in our indoor playground with fun interactive games, and sports play. During this time, the children will be given a healthy nut free snack. To learn more about our snack menu for the children please see our parent board outside the office.

Preschoolers will build a new love for learning and will be ready for Kindergarten in September!

What we do with the children daily:

  • Children gather for Circle time which consists of calendar, discussion on weekly theme topic, learning songs and story time.
  • Next we move on to table learning activities. These consists of practicing their fine motor skills (printing letters, numbers), and arts and crafts.
  • The children will have the opportunity to explore the different centres set up for free play, to learn and explore.
  • The children will be physically activity in our indoor playground which will consist of interactive group games, yoga, and sports play.


The program will run from September to June for the school year. To find out more about the availability for September start, please contact the Centre Director. Please feel free to email info@playislandexplorers.ca for more information about our half-day preschool enrichment program.

Please note that our centre will be closed on elementary school PA Days, and during March Break, for our full day school age program. If your child is 4 yrs and older they will be able to attend our full day programs with our school age children.  

Program Hours: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Days: Monday – Friday, Includes: Healthy Snack Every Day

Nutritious Healthy Snack

The children in our program will be provided a healthy snack in the middle of our program. The preschool menu is created from nutritious kids meal programs, and has been approved by kids. During snack time, the children will wash their hands, and then sit at a table. The snacks are set on the table, and we encourage the children to learn how to serve themselves and make their own food choices. The teachers are always there to assist with serving. The children and teachers sit and eat at the table together. This process will encourage the children to try new foods and create joy and title of the food they are consuming.

Nutritious Facts- the children will learn the basics of Canada’s Food Guide and the food groups which emphasis on vegetables, fruit, protein, dairy and grains.

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